Premiere Review | Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World For My Retirement

What’s it about? After falling off a bridge, recently-orphaned Mitsuha wakes up in a strange place and realizes she’s developed the ability to jump back and forth between worlds. Thinking about what her deceased older brother would do in the situation, Mitsuha plans to use this “cheat code” to earn money and ensure herself a comfortable life both on Earth and in the fantasy realm.

Since yesterday’s female-led fantasy adventure was such an absolute minefield, I’m pleased to announce that this one is more straightforwardly stupid.

To be fair to Saving 80,000 Gold, it’s not like there’s nothing to like here. It has, as we say in Australia, a red hot go at executing its ideas. But mostly it falls flat and suffers from the inability to pick a consistent tone, making it a bit of a baffling watch—as well as one with some unsettling ethical implications.

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