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Exciting Times, Exciting News


Hello readers! Some changes are blowing in on the wind here at The Afictionado, so here is a maintenance post to get you up to speed…

University life has emerged from the well to eat up (most of) my time, especially given that this year I’m embarking on a year-long self-directed research project! I’ll be doing a creative thesis on mythology, the archetype of the Hero, and gender–my post on Moana is actually an itty bitty experimental version of the themes and issues I’ll hopefully be looking into. As I come across interesting things in my research, like The Cauldron of Story or Joseph Campbell’s original hypothesis, I may bring them to the blog to pick through them to a) show them to you guys, without the fog of academic language that can surround such things, and b) help get my own head around them… without the fog of academic language that can surround such things.

Due to this, as I’ve done in the past I’ll be dropping down to a blog post every two weeks (except for the ToraDora! recaps, which are still scheduled weekly–I finished that show and oh boy, what a ride. I hope someone out there is looking forward to me yelling about it, because I sure am looking forward to publishing my yelling).

BUT I’ll still be doing plenty of writing, because [insert trumpeting here] I’ve signed on to be one of the “friends” at Lady Geek Girl and Friends! I’ll be writing two posts for them a month, and linking to them from here. I’ve followed LGG for ages now and am super excited to be getting on board and joining the team. And hopefully soon my first piece for AniFem (who so graciously linked to my Lucky Star post in their last “things worth reading” roundup; thank you Vrai!) will be published, with more in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned!

On the home front, you may notice I now have two new exciting shiny tabs at the head of the page: Topics and Tags, a handy database for finding common things I write about or series of posts like Overthinking Bargain Books and Make It Gayer, and Around the Web, the list on which will be getting longer over the course of the year. I’ve also commissioned the very talented Jess Rose to make a beautiful banner for the blog, to, you know, replace that default WordPress picture that’s been sitting there for five-ish years. So look forward to some aesthetic improvements!

All in all, thanks for reading, whether you’re new or a long-time follower–I appreciate it all, and I hope that this blog continues to entertain you over the course of my very busy-looking and creatively-charged 2017.


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ToraDora! #12: Taiga Millionaire


Never trust a dude in a marshmallow-pink fashion cravat.

To reiterate: we’re not sure how long Taiga’s been living on her own in the apartment, but it’s an apartment funded by her father, who also has access to her bank account and the ability to take money out of it. Which he does, essentially bribing her to come talk to him. Ryuji, despite realising at the end of the previous episode that he’s probably projecting his own paternal abandonment onto Taiga, is still feeling pretty positive about the Aisaka family reunion, and vocally appreciates, more than once, how hard Taiga’s dad is working to earn back her love. You know, when he’s not leaving her bankrupt and forcing her to be dependent on him. I imagine when he’s not being massively emotionally manipulative he’s quite a sweet guy!! Continue reading


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Writing about Writing about Writing (about Death Gods): A Review of Afterworlds


If you’re involved in any writing course or writers’ group you’ll invariably find yourself faced with a seminar of some sort about The Publishing Industry. These are generally informative and terrifying, and detail all sorts of fun stuff like the importance of getting an agent, rejection letters, editors missing the point of the story and wanting to change weird shit, and how you must rewrite everything at least sixty times before it’s ready to hit an appraisal office’s desk let alone shelves. It can all be disheartening and scary and all that business can shrivel your creativity to a raisin-like state, so it was a breath of fresh and intriguing air to find a novel about The Publishing Industry in Scott Westerfeld’s Afterworlds. And one that got really gay, too! Bonus!

Lizzie Scofield survives a terrorist attack by pretending to be dead—and she pretends so well that she wills herself in the afterworld, the in-between grey-scale realm populated by ghosts and spirit guides. This act has planted her in a limbo state between alive and dead that makes her a spirit guide/grim reaper/psychopomp/Valkyrie herself, and she begins to learn how this all works from the sparkling and handsome Yamaraj… this is the plot of Darcy Patel’s debut novel. By luck that even she can’t quite believe, Darcy’s passion project (created for something that is never named NaNoWriMo but definitely is) is accepted by a New York publisher and bought for a huge sum of money, propelling the eighteen-year-old into the world of Professional Writers. Continue reading


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The Hamilton Year

Most people agree that 2016 has been a bit of a flaming tyre fire of a year on a global political scale and by sheer number of celebrity deaths, which is why I feel a little guilty that… on my own personal scale, and my own professional scale, it was actually pretty good. But perhaps it’s even more important to reflect on positive triumphs in a dark time, to shout into the void and say “it wasn’t all bad”.

In any case, I’m calling 2016 my Hamilton year because a) it’s the year the Broadway masterpiece Hamilton broke into worldwide popularity and graced my ears, which I think we can all agree was a good time for everyone, and b) it’s been the year of writing day and night like you need it to survive. I’m not on Alexander Hamilton’s ludicrous scale yet, but compared to past achievements, this year I am Published As Heck.

I finished my journalism major in a terrifying crescendo of running in all directions and trying not to scream, culminating in five short articles published on my uni’s news website. I also got a good enough grade on a longform feature article to have it uploaded onto the web as well, which was very exciting since to write that piece I spent about seven hours in a local mall, and it was nice to be rewarded for that.

Through the good old vice of networking, I got my foot into the door at Good Reading Magazine, a Sydney-based publication who I’ve been reviewing books for all year. Here’s the pile:


  • We Ate the Road Like Vultures by Lynnette Lounsbury (surreal and racist, but a fun enough road trip adventure I guess)
  • The Death of an Owl by Pierce and Paul Torday (politics and journalism with a hint of ancient magic and vengeful animals)
  • The Secrets of Wishtide by Kate Saunders (a little old lady solving unnecessarily violent crimes in Victorian England)
  • Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones (Southern Gothic werewolves, anyone?)
  • Sweeties by Leon Silver (an exciting dip out of my comfort zone, since it’s entirely stream of consciousness and has about 17 line breaks in the entire book)
  • Elegy by Jane Abbott (I… probably don’t need to gnash my teeth about this book more than I already have. It got my first one star review)
  • Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast (an interesting if drawn-out fantasy. The dog is the best part)
  • Someone I Wanted to Be by Aurelia Wills (miserable and bleak but strangely enthralling YA painting a miserable and bleak but strangely enthralling picture of life in small town America, in the pipeline to be published next year)

I also wrote two three-page feature articles—about Treading Air for the July issue, and Beyond the Orchard for November—which involved interviewing the author and waxing poetical about the book and the process behind making it. These are all printed on real, glossy paper, I might add, which makes them twice as exciting!!

Two articles, about Captain America: Civil War and a review of season one of Sense8, went up on PopGates when they were trying to expand their pop culture section. The site admins have since decided that they’re going to keep their focus on basketball and ditch the pop culture section altogether, so those pieces are no longer available on the web, but hey, it was kind of fun while it lasted.

As I write this post, I’m currently working on another contribution for a pop culture site: the up and coming AniFem! The team behind it are very professional and dedicated, and it’s very cool to be collaborating with them. Once the piece goes up I’ll officially be published “next to” writers I admire a lot like Vrai Kaiser and Frog-kun, so I’m a little stoked.

I also wrote 20,000 words of an original novel (also very exciting!!!) and a metric ass-tonne of fanfiction. Woohoo!!

And hey, there’s The Afictionado of course, for which I’ve been writing all year as usual (including pumping out the ToraDora! rewatch project, for which I currently have the first 20 episode reviews queued, so that’s… already 20,000-ish words I’ve dedicated to that. Dang). Every day I thank goodness I started this blog—it makes sure I’m writing something at all times, and gives me a platform to spout my thoughts and hone my skill. And talk to—and read the work of—some really neat people!

Next year I’ll be writing a creative thesis, which is also very exciting if a little daunting, so I’ll keep you updated on what will happen with the blogging schedule. I wish you all the best of luck, creatively or otherwise, for 2017, and thanks, as always, for reading!



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Hiatus Notice


How’s everybody doing? Caught any good Pokemon in your neighbourhood?

There’s going to be a two week break from posts on this blog, after which unfortunately the dread scourge of academia returns and I will have, among other things, an entire novella to pull out of the ether for course credit. With that in mind I’ll most likely be going back to the post-a-fortnight format.

Thank you for reading as always!

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Sense8tional: A Sense8 Review


What do…

A troubled Icelandic DJ trying to get by in London

A San Francisco hacktivist celebrating Pride with her girlfriend

An action-movie-loving bus driver from Nairobi

A German safecracker trying to get out of his mobster family’s shadow

A closeted melodrama actor living in Mexico City

A Korean businesswoman/part-time martial artist trying to keep her family company afloat

An Indian scientist preparing to marry a man she’s not in love with

And a Chicago cop with a heart of gold and parental issues

…have in common?

Well, nothing much at all, until they all witness the suicide of a mysterious, almost angelic woman in white. From that moment on, they start noticing strange things: they can taste what someone else is eating on the other side of the world, hear the thoughts and emotions of people they’ve never met, and master skills they’ve never even tried to learn. They’re a cluster of Sensates, spread across the globe but linked by a psychic connection.

Head to Popgates for the full post!

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The Hard Blogging Life


You may have noticed that since I finished Life Is Strange (but by no means finished crying about it) there has been significantly less Afictionado about, having stuck with the format of one big post every two weeks and dropped the Monday review. This is, unfortunately, because over the next few months I’m going to be writing approximately my bodyweight in feature articles and creative projects and having a weekly blog on the side as well would, I fear, not be the best thing for my general health or faith in the world.

A hearty queue of posts has been set up to publish fortnightly, with the possible/probable exception of a special on Captain America: Civil War, because you can bet your buttons I’ll have something to shout into the internet about that.

Thanks for reading as always!

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Mini Hiatus


No posts this week or the next, regrettably, due to tooth extraction, travel, and other shenanigans. I return to a regular schedule in February!

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The Lawn is Lava, and Other Things I Learned at Oxford


There are many majestic and ornate doors in the city of Oxford—brass-bound, hung with decorative twisted iron rings where an ordinary handle would suffice, some guarded by gargoyles and grotesques and some sitting looking suspiciously meek and magical in stone walls, revealing no whisper of what mysteries lay behind them. Rarely, though, do these doors have any signage, which is what led to this particular blogger traipsing up and down the Turl in the drizzle wondering if Exeter College was even real or if the whole “summer course for university credit” thing had been an elaborate hoax. Continue reading

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Hiatus Notice


Woes and wonders! There will be no posts on here for at least a month, given that the author will be running around abroad.

Good health to you all, and I promise I’ll return in good time, with some new knowledge and a pile of episodic reviews in tow.

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