Premiere Review | Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

What’s it about? Twenty-seven-year-old Mukoda finds himself summoned to a fantasy world, but quickly discarded when his special skill is revealed to be “online grocery” (not very good for saving the kingdom, you see). However, as Mukoda discovers, this absurd ability comes in handy: it allows him to access an online shop from back home in Japan where he can order food and cooking equipment. Mukoda wants to keep this under wraps, but soon attracts the attention of a legendary magical wolf with an insatiable hunger for ginger pork.

While this isn’t the first foodie fantasy—Restaurant to Another World and Delicious in Dungeon spring readily to mind—Campfire Cooking puts in the work to make this concept feel fresh and fun. While it has its share of familiar isekai plot beats, this premiere manages to exude a certain charm that kept me interested. Maybe even hungry for more!

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