Gods Behaving Badly: Shenanigans of Mythical Proportions

Gods Behaving Badly cover

The Greek myths are essentially one long soap opera about a big, rowdy family being terrible to each other and having lots of sex. Gods Behaving Badly knows this and takes it in stride, abandoning all pretence that The Classics are meant to be Deep and Serious and instead happily telling a flippant and flyaway story about the shenanigans that ensue when the Greek pantheon is forced to downgrade from Mount Olympus to a run-down townhouse in modern London (except for Poseidon, who lives in a seaside shack; and Persephone, who enjoys the Underworld a lot more than staying with her bickering mess of an incestuous supernatural family. Can you blame her?) It captures the delights of myth on both the epic, world-altering scale, and in its full beauty as just tangled, emotional tales of people being shitty to each other in the most theatrical way possible.

Spoilers for the end of the novel hereafter, and discussion of sexual assault (a warning that, unfortunately, should come clipped to every look at Greek mythology) Continue reading


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A Place Further Than the Universe #1 and #2: Destination Unknown

Further Than the Universe (18)

Many say that the best time to travel is when you’re young. If you still live with your parents, you don’t have to pay for boring cash-sucking things like rent or groceries, and can save up for holidays more effectively. If you’re not locked into a full-time career yet, you have the time, especially if you take a gap year or jet off in the regular breaks between semesters. Some schools even offer exchange programs or class trips that can take you overseas within the curriculum! They’re a great opportunity. And you wouldn’t want to miss such a great opportunity, right? Not when youth is precious and the crushing monotony and relative lack of freedom of adulthood is looming?? Continue reading

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Madoka Magica #9: Ouch

Madoka ep9 (56)

Oh, we’re living in a world of pain this week. Continue reading

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Madoka Magica #8: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Madoka ep8 (26)

A girl who cannot become a princess is doomed to become a witch.

…wait, wrong show. Continue reading


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A Magical Girl Education: Sugar Sugar Rune

Sugar Sugar Rune manga

You know what are great? Second-hand book fairs. Regular old second-hand book shops are wonderful too, of course, but an event that stocks a convention centre with pre-loved reading material in the name of charity is a whole new kind of magic. You never know what you’ll find; sometimes trash, sometimes treasure, sometimes something so cheap it doesn’t matter which it ends up being, and sometimes the complete collection of a manga that has otherwise vanished off the face of the earth. For only $4 each. Ladies, gentlemen, and other distinguished guests, today I am talking about the early ‘00s magical girl series Sugar Sugar Rune, one of the many golden children of the now-defunct Del Rey publishing, the series that rocked the “cute witch” aesthetic for all it was worth and then some, monetised the Power of Love, and almost—not quite, but almost—had an incest plot twist. Spoilers for the whole series beyond! Continue reading

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A Big Ol’ Pile of Anime Recommendations (2017)

Flying Witch (24)

Doing a lot of research means doing a lot of reading, which means the idea of doing more reading in your spare time kind of makes your eyeballs want to roll out of your head and boycott. So this year, when I felt like diving into fiction for fun, I found myself gravitating to visual media more than novels—and thus, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you frequent this blog, I ended up watching a lot more anime than usual. It’s barely any compared to the people who routinely keep up with multiple shows coming out every season, but hey, from what I have dug through this year I’ve discovered some real gems.

It’s nothing as comprehensive as a Top Ten or a year in retrospective, simply series that I completed that I would (even with the caveats noted) recommend to other people. And without further ado, here they are: Continue reading

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Madoka Magica #7: Take Me to Church

Madoka ep7 (17)

I wonder if Sayaka, now a musical-themed magical girl, is any good at music herself? Because now might be the time to challenge Kyuubey to a fiddle competition for her soul. Or it would be, if she wasn’t so determined not to regret anything. And if Kyuubey knew what a fiddle was. Continue reading


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