Be the Cowboy: June ’19 Roundup

Bloom Into You (64)

Can’t believe I willingly, unprompted, used the word “methodology” in a blog post about superheroes and cowboys. It just slipped in. I kind of want to kick myself in the ankles.

On the blog this month:

Strange, but Familiar: Fun with Intertextuality in Fate/Apocrypha – a look at the action-packed spinoff’s playful use of its relationship to other texts, be they myths or other Fate bits.

Assassins, Outlaws, and Narratives of Autonomy and Vulnerability – one part fan studies, one part analysis of gendered tropes, one part cowboy, and one part me holding up a hand-painted sign that says “Bucky Barnes deserved better”.

On Anime Feminist:

Not “Just a Phase”: How Bloom Into You Challenges Common Yuri Tropes – I return to AniFem to organise my feels about Sayaka’s mini-arc, and the playful and heartwarming way it challenges old tropes.

In exciting news, that article was translated into Japanese over on this website!

Around the web:

Elementary‘s Portrayal of Platonic Love is a Revelation – I’ve been rewatching/catching up on this show recently, so it was especially nice to see an article that hits on one of my favourite things about it: Sherlock and Joan’s plot-central, life-affirming, beautiful complicated friendship, which stays a friendship when so many other shows like it invest in a romantic “will they or won’t they?” for their emotional stakes.

The Beginner’s Guide to Yuri Manga – looking to get into manga about girls falling for each other? Here’s a quick roundup of The Good Stuff currently available in English.

5 SFF Books That Introduce Aromanticism Well and 5 SFF Books That Introduce Asexuality Well – as part of her ongoing research/analysis of the aro-ace spectrum in fiction, Lynn E. O’Connacht compiles some lists of speculative fiction that she feels get it right.

14 YA Authors on the Queer Books That Changed Their Lives – another Pride Month recommendation list, this time with a very personal touch.

AniFem Recommends – as well as their seasonal recs, the AniFem team has now compiled (the start of) an overall list of recommendations. In fact, not just one list, but three, depending on what exactly you’re looking for!

The Forgotten Trans History of the Wild West – Atlas Obscura always brings fun little glimpses of bigger historical research, and this provides a neat peak into the lives of gender diverse folks who roamed the American West in its heyday.

Speaking of fun glimpses into history, this is currently my favourite account:

Plus, this thread that dives into a close reading of The Hunger Games, exploring the potential of Katniss as an aromantic and/or asexual character!

Also, just as a general recommendation, oh my gosh Bastille’s new album gave me so many emotions please give it a listen if you like their stuff

And so June comes to a close. See you all next time, and as always take care!

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  1. So many interesting links, but also yes! I love the new Bastille album!

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