Here Be Dragons: October ’18 Roundup

Dragon Pilot (16)

It’s Halloween season! And there’s nothing spookier than deadlines. I don’t have much to say this time, but I did make my 400th WordPress post this month, and I feel like that’s worth noting. That is a fair few posts!! I’m proud to still be creating content all these years after starting this little blog, and proud to see how much I’ve grown as a writer in that time.

Without further ado, here are the things I wrote most recently (and some other great articles from around the web too):

On the blog:

The Prophecy Con: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Magic Crystals (in which I continue my dive into the wonderful Rogues of the Republic series and discover it gets better the further you go along!)

Warrior Women in the Workplace: Mythic Motifs in Dragon Pilot (in which I examine what Hisone and Masotan has in common with Classical mythology, and how the show also breaks away from these tropes it sets up)

On The Asexual:

Tash Hearts Tolstoy is the Ace Coming-of-Age Story We Need and Deserve (in which I have a lot of feelings about this YA novel, and Michael Paramo and the Asexual Journal squad are kind enough to give me a platform to express them. The author of the novel retweeted this and I think I ascended from my body a tiny bit)

And, as a bonus, here is this thread I wrote about the striking premiere of Bloom Into You. Maybe someday this will become a bigger post, but for now, here are some shortform thoughts:

Good good internet content:

Spider-Man: How a Game About Superheroes Got Super Real — having heard endless reports about how the new Spidey game is fantastic, it was nice to get this more personal perspective on what makes it so good: not just the web-slinging adventure, but the resonant Millennial narrative and down-to-earth character development of Peter Parker himself.

Beyond “Canon Gay”: Introducing Queerness Quadrants — Elizabeth Simins lays out a potential way of talking about queer rep in fiction (here through the frame of anime) that goes beyond whether or not something is “canon gay” and gets into the nuances of the way these things can be written. It’s a lit studies methodology, but in accessible internet language! My God! It’s a miracle!!

What a Naked Batman Exposes About the Comic Book Industry — so uh… yeah, so DC showed us Batman’s dick recently, and while that’s not something I’ve necessarily ever wanted to think about, its appearance and subsequent censorship has sparked discussion about why female nudity is considered acceptable and even expected in “mature” comics, but male nudity is not. Double standards, baby. This article goes into very neatly.

Venom, Subtext, and the Race for Onscreen LGBTQ RepresentationVenom starring Tom Hardy is accidentally(?) one of the queerest movies of the year, and the massive positive fandom reaction to it indicates that, as always, there is a hungry audience for this sort of thing (also, as a personal note, Venom is a ridiculously fun movie… whether it was meant to be or not).

Give Me Heroism or Give Me Death — as part of Uncanny’s “Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction” issue, this article examines how action fiction glorifies enduring and struggling through pain, and how this alienates people with actual chronic pain issues.

And of course it was time for a new anime season, which means a pile of first impression posts! Check out AniFem’s guide to what’s good this season (as well as what was good last time too) and the premiere reviews on Otaku Lounge and Rabujoi!

Podcast time!


I’ve been having a lot of fun on Book Riot. Their YA podcast is a lovely conversational series about book recommendations and things going on in the publishing world. If you want something a bit more focussed, scripted, and educational, though, I would send you in the direction of Annotated. It’s full of strange stories and fun facts about various facets of publishing and literary history–this episode about how to hack the New York Times bestseller list (it’s been done!) was particularly fascinating, and nicely presented.

Spirits also had a very fun episode on the fae this month which is worth checking out. It’s their 100th!

And that wraps us up for this month, I think. Take care out there everyone!


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  1. So many good articles to read, so many interesting podcasts to listen to, so little time, so many deadlines *dies under the weight of never-ending deadlines*

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