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Interactive Incubus Intimacy, and the Unexpected Sweetness of Cute Demon Crashers

cdc cover

Well, this is incredibly embarrassing, but I’m here to talk about a smut game.

It’s entirely bizarre to even watch those words appear on a screen, by my own hands. I never actively seek sex-based literature or fiction out, and while I’m okay with it appearing, so often movie or television sex scenes are tasteless, pointless, or a vaguely gross combination of both, and book ones all too often throw around descriptions like “groin swollen with want” (which is not even a healthy-sounding combination of words, let alone an arousing one).

And this isn’t even to start to speak of sex scenes and sex-based games, which is an awkward and terrible behemoth unto itself, which I (fortunately) haven’t had much to do with, out of both my inability to stay focussed on interactive media and the whole ‘run in the opposite direction (or at least, install every censor patch known to man) when smut is brought into the mix’ thing. Yet, here I am, talking about a smut game, nay, even recommending one. What happened? Sugarscript’s Cute Demon Crashers happened. Continue reading


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