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I went to see The Hobbit recently, or rather, The Hobbit Part One: An Unexpected Journey, which takes much longer to type and is rather pointless when people know what you mean anyway. It was enjoyable enough as a rollicking little family fantasy adventure, and I left the cinema glowing from the short bursts of nostalgia it had delivered. And, of course, wondering when the next part was going to come out.

The Hobbit Part 2 promo

Where the dragons at?

The Hobbit is going to be split into three movies. Even after watching the first one and acknowledging that it would have felt painful and rushed had they crammed the entire book into one film (as my writing buddy and Supplier of Fun Facts tells me, a completely unabridged feature film of the average 50 000 word novel would go for around six hours), I thought that inducing mitosis on the films was a bit ambitious.

But then I remembered that the film culture we have at current is one that expects three billion sequels for everything anyway. Continue reading


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