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Mixed Motifs and a Multitude of Guns: Alex Watches RWBY

Ruby Rose

RWBY is a show (web-series, rather, by Rooster Teeth) that runs on a fuel of pure awesome. I’m just going to put that out there now because that, I have to say, is the big pull for me. It lacks a lot of originality in terms of story and the concept of pitting young people against monsters is certainly nothing new, but it has a tremendous amount of adorable, stylised, anime-esque fairy tale-y let’s-bond-on-field-trips-where-we-shank-demons-in-the-face-in-the-coolest-way-possible fun with itself.

RWBY takes its name from the team of aspiring ‘huntresses’ that it centres around; the prodigal but awkward and eager Ruby, the well-studied, suitably stuck-up and (sometimes literally) icy Weiss, quiet and mysterious badass Blake and happy-go-lucky cool big sister to all Yang. There are a bunch of other characters also attending Beacon Academy for Future Fantasy Badasses, who get attention of their own when we’re not watching the heroines. This can leave characters feeling sidelined and undeveloped, but the series is brand-sparkling new so it still has a lot to cover and develop as it gets up and running. Despite its many flaws and rough patches, so far it’s certainly garnered a huge following, if that tells you anything.

Of its rather clichéd nature you can say “Oh but it’s an amateur production” and I can reply yes, well, but the lack of experience of creators in a field and the budget they have is no measure of their inherent creativity or skills. Granted, a lot of writers and animators get better as their work progresses and they do more of it, because that’s how that works unless they’re some sort of divinely gifted genius. Which the RWBY team, I have to say, is not, but never let it be said that they haven’t made a darn good and fun series that will no doubt get gooder and funner as it goes along. Continue reading


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