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Madoka Magica #12: Not Today, Satan

Madoka ep12 (10)

In a world that wants nothing more than for you to fall into despair, the greatest act of rebellion is to hope. Continue reading



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Madoka Magica #11: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse

Madoka ep11 (34)

Remember that Ancient Aliens show that hinged on the theory that beings from outer space are responsible for the development of human society? Is that still being made? As of this week’s episode, Madoka Magica has been revealed to run on similar logic, subscribing to the suggestion that the sci-fi creatures at the heart of the series have been integrated into humanity since it’s earliest days, retroactively attributing big moments in history to said creatures. In this way, Madoka is in the same category as the Michael Bay Transformers movies. I’m not really sure what to do with this information. I kind of hate it. Continue reading


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Madoka Magica #10: It’s About Time

Madoka ep10 (33)

Before you go forward, you have to go back. And so without a word Madoka Magica’s tenth episode drops us in an unfamiliar and distant scene where a timid girl unrecognisable as Homura is introducing herself as Homura. Continue reading


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Madoka Magica #9: Ouch

Madoka ep9 (56)

Oh, we’re living in a world of pain this week. Continue reading


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Madoka Magica #8: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Madoka ep8 (26)

A girl who cannot become a princess is doomed to become a witch.

…wait, wrong show. Continue reading


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Madoka Magica #7: Take Me to Church

Madoka ep7 (17)

I wonder if Sayaka, now a musical-themed magical girl, is any good at music herself? Because now might be the time to challenge Kyuubey to a fiddle competition for her soul. Or it would be, if she wasn’t so determined not to regret anything. And if Kyuubey knew what a fiddle was. Continue reading


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Madoka Magica #6: Do Not Throw Souls

Madoka ep6 (21)

Look, I had to name at least one of these after the most iconic anime meme of my generation.

We pick up right where we left off last time, with Homura having materialised out of thin air to put an end to Sayaka and Kyoko’s not-so-friendly idealistic debate. Kyoko draws our attention to the fact that yes, what’s happening is weird, even by magical standards: she demands to know what type of funky magic this new interloper is using, jabbing aggressively with her nunchuck-spear-thing while Homura calmly clips through space and evades her. What rattles Kyoko even more is that Homura knows her full name… but when asked if they’ve met before, simply says “Maybe. Who’s to say?” Even Kyuubey seems confused (as much as Kyuubey displays any emotion). This episode cements Homura as “an irregularity”, suggesting that magical girls can exist outside of Kyuubey’s system… and though we’re not yet sure how, this becomes a fairly comforting idea by the time the credits roll. Continue reading


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