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Pacific Rim 2?! Predictions and Musings on Giant Robots

Pacific Rim Jaegers

Hold onto your proverbial butts, friends, Guillermo del Toro has announced a continuation of his pet project Pacific Rim—and this isn’t even an announcement we can dispute or pore over on the internet, because it is literally GDT telling us there’s going to be a Pacific Rim 2 and an animated series based on the prequel comics, with the most adorable geeky teddy bear grin. You can’t argue with a grin like that, people. The question is, now what?

Pacific Rim gave us a world surprisingly and lovingly well-developed for a one-shot (then, anyway) sci-fi blockbuster about giant robots punching giant aliens, so despite the fact that the story as we know it wrapped up (more on than in a second), proposing a spinoff and sequel is not actually an air-grabby gesture since there’s room to explore and expand the existing universe. The prequel comics Year Zero, which the animated series is being based on, are the best example of this, showing us the backstory of a lot of the characters and the beginning of the kaiju war that we get shown briefly in the opening sequence of the movie. For the show they can adapt and extend what they put in the graphic novel, to cover and flesh out every possible detail of the evolution of the war and the characters and technology within, because Travis Beacham and co. are wizards, or at least very dedicated writers, and if you pull a detail out of a hat to ask him about there’s a solid chance he will be able to answer you.

So we have the building of a whole world to watch—in animation too, which will be interesting, and lend itself well to the fun and games and anime homage of a battle of mechas vs monsters—in prequel form. It’s a virtual smorgasbord of potential plotlines, as long as it doesn’t contradict what happens in Pacific Rim itself, so both writers and viewers will go into this with an open imagination. This, I have confidence, will be at least a little bit awesome. What I’m most curious about is Pacific Rim 2, where story potential wise, they’ve somewhat rocket-punched themselves into a corner. Continue reading


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