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Adventures in Asian Drama: Love Cells


Here is a concept: in every human body there is a Love Cell that enables us to experience romance. Like a muscle that isn’t exercised, if you don’t use your Love Cell it will waste away… and with it, your ability to love, which will inevitably leave you single forever. If this wasn’t a dire enough suggestion, Love Cells are also apparently sentient, and after years of date-less existence Ma Dae Choong’s Love Cell becomes aware of its impending demise and decides to jump ship before it shrivels. This Love Cell makes the mistake of manifesting as a bright pink bubble, attracting the attention of a nearby cat who chases and eats it, leading to a weird magical fusion of feline and fantastical love-causing bio-organism that ends up shaped like a cute girl. Who is not ready to wither, damn it, and so she uses her newfound form to become Dae Choong’s life coach and matchmaker. Continue reading


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