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Life Is Strange #3: Just Gals Being Pals


Rule number one of time travel: however much you are tempted, do not go back and save the adorable tragic dead dad. They tried it in Steins;Gate and it almost destroyed anime. Continue reading

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Life Is Strange #2: The Great Bottle Hunt of ‘13


In its second instalment, Life Is Strange takes the time to develop Max’s female friendships, then puts said friends in mortal danger repeatedly. Lucky Max has time reversal powers! Until she doesn’t. Continue reading


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Life Is Strange #1: Selfies and Chaos Theory


You wake, disorientated. Around you, a storm rages. If you can only get to the lighthouse, some whisper of groggy logic tells you, you’ll be safe. But once you reach the seaside tower you come across nothing other than a hurricane ripping across the ocean towards you, hurling a boat that near cleaves the lighthouse, your sanctuary, in half—

Psyche! You’re actually in an incredibly uppity photography class. Sure hope that was a daydream and not foreshadowing! Continue reading


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