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Adventures in Asian Drama: Age of Youth/Hello My Twenties!


This series has two alternate titles that kind of neatly sum up its duality: Hello My Twenties! sounds like a fun and quirky romp through college life, whereas Age of Youth sounds much more melancholy and thoughtful, and, out of the two, far more likely to be a show that deals with murder. Well, it is indeed both of these things—the Korean dramedy follows five twenty-somethings who are all living in a share house, delighting in the premise of throwing together a group that normally wouldn’t have any reason to interact with each other and seeing what happens. It follows the girls through various coming of age plotlines, dealing with everything from standing up to your disappointing boyfriend to… being hunted down by the man who holds you responsible for his daughter’s death. So, you know, your average domestic shenanigans. Continue reading


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Adventures in Asian Drama: Love Cells


Here is a concept: in every human body there is a Love Cell that enables us to experience romance. Like a muscle that isn’t exercised, if you don’t use your Love Cell it will waste away… and with it, your ability to love, which will inevitably leave you single forever. If this wasn’t a dire enough suggestion, Love Cells are also apparently sentient, and after years of date-less existence Ma Dae Choong’s Love Cell becomes aware of its impending demise and decides to jump ship before it shrivels. This Love Cell makes the mistake of manifesting as a bright pink bubble, attracting the attention of a nearby cat who chases and eats it, leading to a weird magical fusion of feline and fantastical love-causing bio-organism that ends up shaped like a cute girl. Who is not ready to wither, damn it, and so she uses her newfound form to become Dae Choong’s life coach and matchmaker. Continue reading


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Adventures in Asian Drama: 9 Seconds – Eternal Time


If there’s one thing that’s going to make a high school melodrama about two straight kids stand out and grab my attention, it’s a supernatural element. Plus, I’m always intrigued by time travel and its more mundane, personally-motivated (you know, travelling back in time to help your friend, as opposed to travelling back in time to kill Hitler) uses in stories. 9 Seconds – Eternal Time seemed to push all these buttons as it promised me the story of two young loners bonding when they find a camera that has the power to pause time. Continue reading

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