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Fate/Zero #25: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero


There is no hope on the battlefield.

But there is a familiar little boy with ginger hair. Continue reading

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Fate/Zero #24: Careful What You Wish For


The two men the entire series has spent building up as nemeses are finally facing each other. Are they going to speak? Have a long-awaited dialogue that explores their similar yet differing characters? Nope. They’re going to waste barely a breath glaring across the room and then they’re going to beat each other up. Continue reading

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Fate/Zero #23: Bring Me That Horizon


First, a note for celebration: this is allegedly my 200th post! Which is a hell of a lot of writing about things that never happened and people that don’t exist. I’d like to thank everyone who reads this little corner of the internet, whether you pop in occasionally or follow faithfully. Every like and page view and interested comment makes it all worth it.

Also, as anyone who follows the other notably less structured blog will know, I’ve whizzed through Life Is Strange recently… and have been frantically writing reviews after every episode, which are scheduled to go up when Fate/Zero is done! I hope it doesn’t feel too awkward in the review tag among all that Fate. Fate is today’s subject, though, and with that exciting business out of the way, it’s time to beat up Gilgamesh. Continue reading


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Fate/Zero #22: Murder and Motivational Speech


Waver returns from nearly getting blasted in half by Excalibur to find the elderly man he hypnotised into being his grandfather waving and inviting him up onto the house roof. It is a strange end to a strange night. Continue reading

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Fate/Zero #21: Your Princess is in Another Castle


Sometimes this show does horrible, objectifying, gross and stupid stuff, and sometimes it gives us car chase scenes on magical motorbikes. We’re going to talk about the latter first. Continue reading


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Fate/Zero #20: Grail Girl and the Amazing Human Gun


[TW: this post contains discussion of sexual assault]

Back in the present, Kiritsugu emerges from his hidey-hole to pay his wife and mistress a visit. Iri’s back in her homunculus charging port, but seems entirely unfazed by her impending demise, so much so that she materialises Avalon, Saber’s magic sheath that she called the only thing holding her together, and gives it to her hubby, since he’ll need it more than her. He’s the hero, after all, and she was literally made to be a disposable woman. Continue reading


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Fate/Zero #19: An Army of Bee Assassins


It would have made an awful lot more sense to have this arc come directly after the discussion of heroism at the end of episode 16, but I heard a rumour that the scheduling and order was tweaked so that this episode could air on Mother’s Day. Which frankly I’d be inclined to believe, given how self-congratulatorily gritty and dark these guys like being. We get it, okay. Your show is tragic and awful! You don’t need to rub it in while crowing like edgy TV exec roosters!

Anyway. Kiritsugu’s grown up a little, and is slowly evolving into what will become internationally known as the Mage Killer, which involves all sorts of fun stuff like learning to put guns together and having bits of his ribs carved out. That flash to the mysterious exposition-spouting white-haired woman in his fight with Kayneth now makes sense, except now we see the state Kiritsugu was in to make that awesomeness happen, i.e., excruciating pain. Is there anything about magic that doesn’t suck? No. Continue reading


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Fate/Zero #18: Worst Beach Episode Ever


This episode, we… hang on, that’s not Fuyuki city, that’s an idyllic and beautifully drawn tropical island. Where are we? Why are we here? Who is that happy, confident and fluffy-haired young boy? Oh my goodness, it’s a flashback! Continue reading


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Fate/Zero #17: Et Tu?


If you’d forgotten in all the chaos of last episode, somewhere in there the judge was murdered. Tokiomi, who was using him to cheat, is pretty distressed by this. Funnily enough, not nearly so much as Kirei, who came home from dropping the revived but barbecued Kariya back at the Matou house to find his father dead in the Church. After an initial shock, he really doesn’t seem to harbour much emotion, which he’s a little concerned about. Gilgamesh, of course, just finds the whole business quietly hilarious. Continue reading


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Fate/Zero #16: Chivalry’s Not Dead


So, remember how last time I speculated that the War would change with the loss of a common universally evil enemy? The morally grey in-fighting wastes no time kicking off as Kayneth uses his first outing from his sickbed to murder the judge. I guess being on the receiving end of a gun made him appreciate their power more… Continue reading


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