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Fate/Stay Night OVA: The Real Holy Grail was the Friends we Made Along the Way


We interrupt our scheduled broadcast of Kiritsugu’s gritty and grim tragic backstory to bring you fluffy and fun surprisingly un-tragic story continuation from the world of Fate/Stay Night. It being a visual novel originally, it has multiple endings, and because they’re presumably residing in a studio building constructed of money at this point, ufotable decided to gift us with a short OVA that depicts the “Good End” of Unlimited Blade Works.

Naturally, I had to come running back. Much like this:

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Fate/Stay Night #25: The Road Goes Ever On


Two years after the events of the finale, Shirou is living in a beautifully-rendered London with a collection of masterfully projected swords, a more angular jawline, a hipster cardigan, and perhaps most shocking of all, Rin. Continue reading


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Fate/Stay Night #24: Cancelling the Apocalypse


I would like to thank the Fate series for bringing the desire and ability to say “Shut up, Gilgamesh” to a whole new generation. Continue reading


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Fate/Stay Night #23: On Va Voir


Can a pair of teenagers really dismantle Pure Evil in Physical Form and fight off the infinitely more powerful ancient spirit bent on using it to destroy life on earth? We shall see. Continue reading


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Fate/Stay Night #22: Gems and Jellyfish


Dealing surprisingly well with the fact that they’ve all been nearly murdered and had their ideals, goals and everything that gave them drive and purpose in life thrown in their faces in last 24 hours, Shirou, Rin and Saber settle down to dinner to decide what to do about the impending end of the world. Continue reading


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Fate/Stay Night #21: Dream A Little Bigger, Darling


While Rin moves impractically slowly through the spreading fire on the top floor, Shirou and Archer’s head-to-head battle with the literal power of imagination reaches its peak in the Bladeworks downstairs. Borrowed or otherwise, there is nothing wrong with a dream to help people, gosh darn it, and Shirou is not going to stop fighting until he’s defeated the cranky monologue-spouting naysayer in front of him. Not even after we’ve already had a full episode devoted to it. Continue reading


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Fate/Stay Night #20: T’is But A Scratch


It’s amusing to me that the (pseudo-mistranslated) line that made this franchise iconic is “people die when they are killed”, because half the time that’s very untrue. It seems like you need to kill most of these characters at least twice before they get the idea that they’re meant to stay dead. Continue reading


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