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ToraDora! Wrap Up Post


So, ToraDora! A show about coming of age, love, heartbreak, and a bird that swears.

Overall, I enjoyed rewatching this beautiful beastie a lot—it struck the right balance between being nostalgic and impressing me afresh, and it was nice to know that for the most part it’s still as fun and engaging as it was when I first watched it in early high school and it lodged itself in my brain. I’d like to thank everyone who read along each week, and leave you with a few final assorted thoughts and retrospectives… Continue reading



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ToraDora! #25: Heaven Help the Fool Who Falls in Love


The end begins with Ya-chan bursting through the front door of her parents’ house, because Taiga left her a fake phone message saying Ryuji had been injured in a car accident. Ryuji is fine, and because nothing brings people together like casual deceit, suddenly three generations of his family are all stuck in one place where they manage to reconcile and grow. Continue reading


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ToraDora #24: Boy, That Escalated Quickly


It’s happening, people. It’s happening. Continue reading


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ToraDora! #23: Patron Saint of Teen Drama


ToraDora! has a way of messing with its stock episodes. Two people nearly drowned in the pool arc, the beach episodes were haunted, the school festival was rife with heartbreak and melancholy, and the hunt for a missing person somewhat soured the class field trip. It’s reasonable to expect that the Valentine’s Day episode shouldn’t go any better, and though nobody comes close to death, that would be a pretty accurate assumption… Continue reading


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ToraDora! #22: Shut Up and Speak


Do you ever just want to stick a bunch of characters in a locked room together and tell them they can’t come out until they’ve told each other the whole, honest, get-it-off-your-chest truth? Continue reading


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ToraDora! #21: xoxo Gossip Girl


I can’t believe someone finally punched Ami in the face… Continue reading


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ToraDora! #20: Emotional Spontaneous Combustion


Apparently getting pre-emptively rejected by Minorin was such a shock to the system that Ryuji caught freaking pneumonia. Or maybe it was plot-itis and an excuse to start this next arc after the break but believably have everything still fresh from Christmas Eve, given that time has passed but the characters still haven’t talked about it. Ryuji might have been out of it for weeks, but Taiga, we can only assume, has been bubbling over with heartache throughout the whole timeskip. She’s also done some thinking, though, and concluded in her wisdom that Minorin does like Ryuji, but doesn’t want to interfere with his relationship with Taiga. Continue reading


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