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Character Studies: Mike “Jesus Hot Sauce Christmas Cake” Munroe


Until Dawn does not want you to like most of its main characters. The entire prologue—the establishing character moment for most of the cast—consists of them humiliating one of their supposed dearest friends, filming it, and sending her fleeing into the snow and her eventual death. They are, at first glimpse, a bunch of assholes, except for Josh (who turned out to be the villain, go figure), Chris, and the sole voice of sympathy and reason Sam. The centre of the prank, Mike, seems to be the worst offender, but oddly enough I ended up liking him most. What happened here? Continue reading


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Character Studies: Josh “The Bone Zone” Washington


[This is a collaboration post based on lengthy discussion with WB, who has a lot of very smart things to say. It also contains Until Dawn spoilers]

One thing that tends to pop up again and again in Until Dawn discourse is the injustice that befell Josh Washington: everyone in the group of playable characters can be saved from ruin except for him, and he deserved a better ending. Well, I’m not here to argue that point, because he did deserve a better ending, and a better beginning and middle too, because good God this man is a terribly written character. Continue reading


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