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The Lawn is Lava, and Other Things I Learned at Oxford


There are many majestic and ornate doors in the city of Oxford—brass-bound, hung with decorative twisted iron rings where an ordinary handle would suffice, some guarded by gargoyles and grotesques and some sitting looking suspiciously meek and magical in stone walls, revealing no whisper of what mysteries lay behind them. Rarely, though, do these doors have any signage, which is what led to this particular blogger traipsing up and down the Turl in the drizzle wondering if Exeter College was even real or if the whole “summer course for university credit” thing had been an elaborate hoax. Continue reading

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Hiatus Notice


Woes and wonders! There will be no posts on here for at least a month, given that the author will be running around abroad.

Good health to you all, and I promise I’ll return in good time, with some new knowledge and a pile of episodic reviews in tow.

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Limited Blog Works

There is no Fate review this weekend, I regret to announce, due to the author being in the circle of Hell reserved for procrastinators who have two major portfolios/assessment pieces due on the same day. I leave you instead with the promise that there will be two next week in rapid-fire, and this, which is a far more in-depth and comprehensive recap of this character’s arc than I could ever hope to achieve.

Good night and good health.

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Fate/Zero #12: Something Wicked This Way Comes


This instalment is one of those “breather episodes with a good serving of ominous atmosphere” that we come to know very well in the sequel series. There’s a calm between storms as Kirei ponders what he’s going to do now he’s kicked out of the War, Team Saber set up a new hideout and something is clearly very wrong with Iri, and Kiritsugu eats a hamburger with the most serious face I’ve ever seen. Oh, and Tokiomi has stood up and left the cellar. My God, it’s kicking off!! Continue reading

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Fate/Zero #9: A Mess of Legendary Proportions


You know it’s going to be a fun episode when the very first shot is Diarmuid lying dead on the ground. Don’t worry, it’s the last time he died, back in ancient Ireland! We’re treated to a very abridged version of The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainné, in which his lord’s betrothed falls in love with him and sends them on a whirlwind escape chased by all his old friends, eventually leading to said lord leaving Diarmuid to die in revenge. Kayneth wakes up from reliving these memories in a cold sweat and finds himself wrapped in bandages and strapped to a bed. Looks like it’s Team Lancer’s turn to be a melancholy mess this week! Continue reading


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Blogging Just Under the Speed of Light

Internet folks, it is with a heavy heart (albeit one that’s pretty impressed I got this far without having to do this earlier) I announce that my regular schedule of one big blog post a week is going to be cut down temporarily (?) to one every fortnight. My episode reviews will continue weekly, because half of what’s fuelling me through this academic, workforce, and lifeforce related crunch time is Fate hype (the other half is made up of optimism, the power of love and friendship, and snack food).

Thank you as ever for your time, interest, comments and patience 🙂

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A Time of Hundreds

The Afictionado is celebrating 100 followers this week!

Amidst a rain of nearly-finished essays, I’d just like to say thank you to all the people that liked my writing enough to press that button, and to everyone else who clicks through from other places around the Intertubes too.

I’m nearly at 100 posts, too–how poetic! I hope I can continue to come up with pop culture ponderings for you all to enjoy.


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Things of Import

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my delightful displeasure to inform you that The Afictionado will be undergoing a hiatus of roughly three weeks or so, due to the fact that the lady behind the keys will be rather busy gawking at cultural icons, monuments and enormous serving portions in a continent that is entirely not her own. It will be a wondrous adventure and maybe you’ll even get to hear some of the stories that come out of it!

In the meantime, check out the shiny new categories system that I’ve set up. There are the Pop Culture Ponderings and the reviews, read and watched, as usual, but now there’s also Archetypes and Genre, Fun with Isms and Things We Need to Stop Doing, organised for more fruitful searching. Also the How To section for my tutorials on how to survive (or not) in fictional worlds.

Enjoy, my precious blueberries, and I will be back in October.

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Posting in the Middle of the Week?

Very Inspiring Blogger award

Look at this.

caitlinsternwrites has put me on her list of inspiring bloggers, and this fills my heart with the kind of bubbles that only recognition from the intellectuals of the Intertubes can do. So thanks a bunch to her, and I shall refrain from going on a long teary spiel about how I would never have gotten here without the support of my cats.

This thing has rules and you should never ignore those lest fire and brimstone rain down upon thee, so:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Place the award on your site.

3. Share 7 random things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs. Let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award.

1 & 2 are done and dusted, so let me try and think of seven fun facts about myself.

  1. I was born in winter. I don’t know if this affects my tolerance of cold or not, but I certainly have a hibernation mode.
  2. I also really like waistcoats. On gentlemen, on ladies, on myself, floating in the ether, they’re just really nice.
  3. If I could have any superpower it would be to stop and start time. Do you know how much crap I would get done?
  4. Really deep, fathomless water freaks me out. So does Space, for the same reason, but Space has less stinging things.
  5. I have never, in all my years of southern education, ridden a kangaroo to school. I have, however, had possums tapdance on my roof at four in the morning.
  6. I am not a morning person. (see above for recipe for disaster)
  7. Celebrity gossip magazines are my guilty pleasure, if I must have one.

Presently, I am only following just over 15 people on this website, so I shall list those that I attach my brain to with the most interest:

Kristen Lamb’s Blog


Musings From Neville’s Navel

Professionally Incoherent

Get Write Down To It


Truth and Cake

Great Smitten

Completely Overrated

Melanie Crutchfield


Catherine, Caffeinated

That’s only twelve, I know, but they’re all special I promise.


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What is this Bloggery?

This is going to be, first and foremost, a blog of organised thoughts on pop culture, direct from my brain. I hope that you enjoy it, and that someone somewhere is in fact reading this.

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