Premiere Review | Bibliophile Princess

What’s it about? Four years ago, Lady Elianna Bernstein became engaged to Prince Christopher—a betrothal of convenience where, for her, the number one benefit was access to the palace library. When she sees Christopher talking happily to another lady in the gardens, Elianna becomes convinced that their arrangement is soon to come to an end. Not that she minds, of course. It’s not as if she and the prince shared romantic feelings… right?

I really wanted to like this one, but it’s off to a disappointing start.

Let’s begin with the core of the matter, our Bibliophile Princess herself. Elianna’s number one personality trait is that she’s A Girl Who Reads. Now, this isn’t bad writing in and of itself. It’s a hobby, a passion, and an intellectual motivation—it’s characterization! But Bibliophile Princess falls into a hilarious and frustrating trope where a person (not necessarily always, but most often, a girl) is characterized by their Love of Literature but the text fails to explain what they actually like to read. What genre? Non-fiction or fiction? What books even exist in this fantasy universe?  

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