Premiere Review | Do It Yourself!!

What’s it about? Clumsy and airheaded Serufu has just started high school, separated from her childhood best friend Miku for the first time. On the way to class, Serufu’s bike gets into a brawl with a light pole, leaving her without transport… until a mysterious upperclassman on high-tech rollerskates slides over and fixes it for her. Intent on saying thank you, Serufu tracks this stranger down to the shed at the back of the school and finds herself in the DIY club. Could fixing, building, and upcycling be the hobby for Serufu—and the way to rekindle her friendship with Miku?

I’ve been hungering for a hobby show this year, and I’m hoping Do It Yourself!! might do the trick. So far, it’s definitely ticking the boxes: it’s charming, cute, and mixes silly character antics with technical detail to make the world feel grounded while also being cartoony and larger than life.

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