BEES?! September ’22 Roundup

It’s been an exciting, tiring, weird month in the limbo land of having-submitted-and-waiting-for-results. There’s something funny I can say about how I’ve found myself in a liminal space after spending so much time writing about them, I’m sure, but mostly I’m just trying to enjoy the lull. Of course, other things have kept me busy, but I’m forcing myself to rest, write for fun, and just, like… lie down and do nothing, sometimes. It rules. Can highly recommend lying down.

In the meantime, though, I have more tangible, fictional things to recommend, such as…

On the blog

The Cosy Theology of Monk and Robot – Becky Chambers’ newest series is “comfy sci-fi” right down to the worldbuilding.

Queer YA Spotlight: The Honeys – Ryan La Sala’s third novel is an unhinged spectacular of social commentary, body horror, and bees, oh the beeeeeees

Short fiction

Coast Roads – you know those weirdly deep conversations and revelations you sometimes have on a long road trip? Here’s a little story about one of those.

On The Conversation

Teenage Misfits, Messy Emotions, and Joyous Discussions on Consent: Heartbreak High is a Bright New Piece of TV – Netflix and The Convo were kind enough to let me peek at the first three episodes of this new reboot of a classic Aussie drama—here are my thoughts!

Around the web

Have I mentioned I played probably thousands of hours of The Sims 2 when I was a teen? Here’s a trip down memory lane, exploring and celebrating the eerie and mysterious aspects woven through the game’s pre-built families and background lore—all working to built an effective atmosphere while still keeping the game officially out of the horror or mystery genre.

15 years (!!!) after the release of the Baccano! anime, it’s time for a retrospective on what exactly made the adaptation so special when it should have been an impossible task.

Many people multitask while playing games, but are games being designed to not hold our full attention so we can multitask? (As someone who finds multitasking pretty difficult, this was a genuinely fascinating insight!)

The Sandman: How the Representations of Dreams and Nightmares Have Changed Over Time – what do dreams mean? Where do they come from? The way we talk about our sleepytime adventures and the mythological figures associated with them have evolved with each era of storytelling and psychology.

Tamsyn Muir on Lyctorhood as Genderfuckery and Greasy Bible Study in Nona the Ninth – did I mention I love reading interviews with this author?

Why I Cancelled My Crunchyroll Membership – long-time anime journalist Lauren Orsini on the ethics of supporting an increasingly corporate Crunchyroll, as it continues to underpay its staff and shuffle off employees who seek to unionise.

Look who’s listening to podcasts again!

Per one of my patron’s recommendations (!) I’ve been listening to, and really enjoying, This Ends At Prom, a podcast about girl coming-of-age movies! This wife-and-wife team—one of which carries deep nostalgia for a lot of their topics, one of which had a teenage boyhood and is coming to them fresh in her adult life—cover a variety of films from Scream to The Mitchells vs The Machines to Phantom of the Opera (yes, the 2004 Gerard Butler venture, which they have The Correct Opinions about). Their insights are great, drawing on both life experience and their film industry know-how, and they often have lovely guests as well.

And the song on repeat this month is…

You gotta have the cowboy boots. You just do.

And that’s all for now! October is time for new anime (again!) so look forward to all the links to my reviews and first impressions. Take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you on the flipside.


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4 responses to “BEES?! September ’22 Roundup

  1. Okay, but that song is so catchy! Thanks for the discovery!

    • No worries! And can I say how much I enjoy seeing all your notifications pop up at the end of every month ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s fun to see a familiar face browsing through the backlog of posts!

      • It’s always a pleasure to come and read your posts. I’m bad at keeping up to date with posts so I tend to come once in a while and read a bunch at once. A shame you live on the other side of the planet, I’d love to go for fika one day. If you ever come by Sweden one day. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Absolutely! If I’m ever coming that way, I’ll let you know ๐Ÿ˜€

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