ALEX.exe has Stopped Running: July ’22 Roundup

Well, maybe that’s not quite accurate—at the very least, I’m running on dial-up speed. But I did a lot of writing this month, so let’s take a look back at that shall we?

On AniFem

Anime Feminist’s Recommendations of Spring 2022 – here’s a roundup of the team’s top picks from the past season!

Chatty AF #165: 2022 Spring Wrap-up – and here’s the podcast edition, wherein a tried/sick trio looks back on faves and disappointments.

Extreme Hearts – Episode 1 – a baffling hybrid of sci-fi, sports, and idols.

Parallel World Pharmacy – Episode 1 – an unexpectedly compelling spin on the overdone “zapped into a fantasy world with immense magic powers” trope… let’s hope it gives its female characters more to do in future episodes to really make it shine!

Luminous Witches – Episode 1 – war! What is it good for? Speculative fiction anime starring cool teen girls, that’s what.

Lycoris Recoil – Episode 1 – as we all know, the most effective assassins are sixteen-year-old girls. But will this show play that straight, or offer some social commentary on state violence?

My Isekai Life – Episode 1 – competent but ultimately deeply dull fantasy.

TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing ’til You Cry – Episode 1 – as you might guess from the number of exclamation points in the title, this series has ENERGY!

When Will Ayumo Make His Move? – Episode 1 – if Kaguya-sama: Love is War is “teens play mindgames and refuse to be honest about their feelings (affectionate)” this is “teens play mindgames and refuse to be honest about their feelings (derogatory)”.

The World of Academia

Over the first weekend of July, I (virtually) attended a conference for the Australian Children’s Literature Association for Research. The vibe was great overall, and I got to sit in on some fascinating discussions about diversity in kidlit and YA from a range of research perspectives. And I presented some of my own! A transcript (and biblio) can be found here.

And don’t forget Patreon!

Yes, even though keep forgetting to link to it, don’t you forget that it’s there! For $2 a month you get early access to all my blog posts, and for $5 you get a little bit of short fiction in your inbox once a month!

Webbed sites

A common complaint lobbed at the shoujo demographic is that “it’s all the same”. Colleen unpacks that assumption here, pointing out that the variety within contemporary shoujo is genuinely impressive… but painfully inaccessible to English-language audiences.

It has become a fact universally acknowledged that Netflix’s new Persuasion adaptation is bad. But why, exactly? As Karolina breaks down here, a lot of it has to do with the treatment of the protagonist, who is denied the character growth that made her story so special by being written as a Modern Snarky Girlboss from minute one.

Willow reviews a manga I’ve been meaning to check out for a while—the delectable Delicious in Dungeon, which focuses on the nitty-gritty details of a fantasy world and all the tasty bits of lore and logistics that might usually get brushed over in favour of a more epic adventure.

Five Great LGBTQ+ Series with Disappointing Anime Adaptations – Vrai laments the various ways these queer stories were let down in the adaptation process, from seemingly random re-ordering of the narrative to production woes to excessive fanservice, and everything in between.

A Neurodiverse Reading of Eizouken‘s Asakusa Midori – Patricia highlights what resonates with her about Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken‘s lovable, atypical, creative main character.

The Forgotten Surprises of Anime VHS Commercials – Anthony takes us on a trip down memory lane into the weird, wild world of early anime advertising, which often took a somewhat shotgun approach.

The song stuck in my head this month is about mad, gay science.

And that’s all for now! Take care and I’ll see you again soon!

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