Premiere Review | Parallel World Pharmacy

Content considerations: brief discussion of terminal illness

What’s it about? After dying in his sleep, a pharmacologist awakens in the body of a young noble in a fantasy world, nursing a mysterious wound from a lightning strike. Stuck in the life of “Master Farma,” our hero must relearn the healing magic and divine arts that his family is famous for. With some practice, it’s… almost frighteningly easy, and with a tingle in those lightning scars. What plans does the God of Medicine have for this displaced young man?

Last week I said my arms were open and I was waiting for an isekai anime I found genuinely engaging… and Parallel World Pharmacy has delivered! Ring the bells! Cook a celebratory feast! Send up some fireworks (responsibly and away from heavily-populated areas and flammable materials)!

Now, Pharmacy has its issues, and we’ll get to them in a moment. But honestly, this premiere provides a pretty neat example of how even the most familiar cliché can be reinvigorated with solid writing.

Read the full review on AniFem!

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