Introducing… Patreon!

You can now follow and support my writing (fiction and non-fiction!) on Patreon!

Welcome to a grand experiment: my shiny new Patreon page, which I intend to use as a hub for my creative efforts and experiments as I surge ever forward into the world of storytelling. If you follow me on this blog, I figure you like my writing, so why not consider signing up? For just a few dollars a month you can offer me some consistent, valuable support, and you can get access to some very fun stuff…

As I start making Career Moves (TM) towards becoming a professional published author, I want to use this platform as a place to play with my creative writing for an interested audience. On this account I want to publish:

  • Short stories and flash fiction
  • Snippets of longer original works 
  • Behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress posts about putting together said longer works—including the novel I’ve written for my PhD

You can write a novel for a PhD? Yes you can! I can also post insights into the process of combining creative work with academia if people will find it useful.

I write about:

  • Playful, atmospheric fantasy settings
  • Queer found families and unexpected tight-knit friendships
  • Coming-of-age stories dealing with healing and agency
  • Tricky trickster gods and other myth-inspired character tropes

If you want a piece of that pie in your inbox every month, consider joining up! The first piece of short fiction—a morning spent with a witch feeding secrets to crows—will be going live in a few days!

While I intend for this to mostly be a hub for my fiction, following me on Patreon will also get you:

  • Sneak peaks at future blog posts
  • Monthly roundup and recommendation posts about what I’ve been enjoying and why you might want to check it (be it a book, a TV series, a game, or whatever) out too!
  • Insights into the freelancing process
  • Insights into the Weird and Wacky World of Academia

I write about:

  • LGBTQIA+ representation in media and the many shapes it can take
  • How stories play with familiar tropes and stereotypes
  • How atmosphere and writing style can make magic happen
  • Interesting and cool narrative tricks I want to highlight and celebrate

If any of that sounds like it’s for you, come on board! I’d be happy to have you. Or, of course, if this isn’t your style, you can always drop me a one-time donation in the digital tip jar that is Ko-Fi.

I deeply appreciate every read, every like, and every cent of support. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

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