Premiere Review | The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

What’s it about? Crown Prince Wein has been placed in charge of his kingdom—and he can’t wait to sell the place and move out. First, though, he must increase the value of the tiny spit of wintry land he governs. He schemes to mount a half-hearted “invasion” of the neighbouring territory with the intention of suing for peace, but these plans go awry when his army wins and he finds himself heading a full-scale war.

Do you want to watch a show about an insufferable young man born into money, scheming to make more money, stumbling into success and being lauded as a tactical genius? No? You don’t think a callous rich kid who treats the people under his governance as pawns in his own petty plans sounds like a sympathetic protagonist? You don’t find it relatable and hilarious when Prince Wein breaks down and whines about how much his kingdom sucks because its small population of vulnerable citizens fail to produce any profit for him? You want to throw tomatoes at the screen? No way!

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