Premiere Review | Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

What’s it about? Akebi Komichi is thrilled that she’s been accepted into the prestigious middle school her mother also attended, even though it will mean leaving the familiarity of her small country town behind and throwing herself into a cohort of rich kids. More than anything, she’s excited to wear the school’s sailor uniform. She and her mother embark on a quest to craft the suit from scratch… only to realize at the entrance ceremony that there’s been a terrible mix-up regarding the uniform policy.

This is going to be a bit of an odd one to talk about. Watching this premiere, I was impressed by the beauty before me: lush, detailed backgrounds and environments that felt lived-in and lovingly-crafted; characterization of young girls that felt earnest, cute without being too twee. I was ready to praise all of this, and then the episode used its gorgeous detail-oriented animation to meticulously depict a middle school girl clipping her toenails and smelling her own feet.

And I said “Well… okay. Okay. Well. Okay.”

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