Premiere Review | SLOW LOOP

What’s it about? Hiyori learned to fish from her now-deceased father, and whenever she’s anxious she heads to the pier. One day her fishing session is interrupted by a girl running down the dock, stripping to her swimsuit, and preparing to dive into the ocean—despite it being early spring and freezing cold. Hiyori stops the stranger from yeeting herself into the frigid sea, and the two get talking, sharing the wisdom of the fly fisherman… only to realise that they’re about to become stepsisters!

Slow Loop is capital F Fine. It follows the steps of the hobby anime dance with competence: the burgeoning friendship between the withdrawn enthusiast and the bubbly newbie. The cute and accessible guides to the tips and tricks of the hobby itself. The relaxed and comfy vibe. Slow Loop does them all perfectly well. The trouble is, I’ve seen other series that do them much better, which makes this poor little fly fishing anime look a little lacklustre by contrast.

Having watched series like Super Cub that put so much effort into scene-setting and building atmosphere, the backgrounds and environment feel a little flat and artificial. After the meticulously-crafted wintry coziness of series like Laid-Back Camp, this one feels a little stiff, with its many animation shortcuts and simple shot composition. There’s nothing wrong with Slow Loop (except some potential yellow flags in the dynamic between these soon-to-be stepsisters) but it just doesn’t earn the kind of gold star I know this genre can.

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