Oceans and Emotions: July ’21 Roundup

What a glorious and exhausting anime-filled month! There’s always a sparkling anticipation in the air when it comes to premiere season. It’s a bit of a weird, stretched-out premiere season (and I have a couple more reviews on the way) and one that hasn’t yielded too many gems (though I am very much enamoured with both The Aquatope on White Sand and Kageki Shoujo!! every week). But for now, we’re taking a breath, and gathering all the goss in one place. See below!

On AniFem

Wonder Egg Priority Postmortem – Mercedez, Vrai, and I discuss how this series with such potential got so scrambled

Godzilla Singular Point – Episode 1 – the cinematic Big Lizard stomps onto Netflix for a brand new series

Drug Store in Another World – Episode 1 – a fantasy premiere that somehow manages to be zany and deadly boring

The Aquatope on White Sand – Episode 1 – a lush and expressive start to a show about the healing power of friendship and aquariums

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace – Episode 1 – a stylish action opener that treats its women terribly and gives its cocky protagonist little room to grow

Spring 2021 Recommendations – read why I think you should watch Super Cub and Shadows House!


Loki does not belong to the cis. Jessie runs through the character’s history, from his origins in myth through to Marvel comics and finally the movies and TV show, examining the many shifting layers of queer resonance he’s had in each incarnation.

One of many (loving yet frustrated) reflections on what went awry with WEGG, which I feel serves as an effective summary if you’re not familiar with the show but are curious what all the fuss is about. There are some additional details I’d add in terms of the thematic betrayal in the final episodes, but for that you can listen to the podcast!

Aesthetics (TM) like cottagecore and Dark Academia are a big part of the Internet landscape, but the idea of an artistic historical-inspired lifestyle is nothing new – in fact, as these costume historians dig into, the modern -core subcultures have an intriguing amount of parallels to fashions and philosophies from the Victorian era.

Want to settle in for a couple hours and listen to a French person well-versed in trashy television shred Riverdale to pieces, with detailed examinations of each character’s contradictions, the broken timeline, the problematic nature of sexualising the teenaged cast, and the general egomania of the showrunners? Of course you do. Grab a bag of chips and check this out.

What is YA, Anyway? – author Finn Longman muses on where the distinction truly lies between YA and adult fiction, and whether it has more to do with framing and theme than simply just the age of the characters.

It’s Time for Marvel to Put Up or Shut Up on LGBTQ+ Representation – after a decade of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that confirm characters’ queerness – or, in some cases, those moments being cut altogether – fans are hungry for more substantial representation from mainstream superheroes. (A periodic reminder to read the Loki YA novel)

What Makes a Loki a Loki? Managing Multiplicity in Loki (2021) – speaking of Loki(s), in this post Madeleine Hunter examines how the multiverse setup of the Disney+ series works as an effective metaphor for the very process of growing and adapting an IP like the Marvel superheroes.

What We Owe to Creators: Burnout in Manga Artists and How to Prevent It – always topical, this article explores the harsh schedules and fan demands that see manga creators getting sick and injured.

Don’t forget to read the premiere reviews from the rest of my hardworking team – organised here!

This month’s song-stuck-in-head is AURORA’s new single. I like all her stuff, but each for quite different reasons. This one’s for the Bop.

And that’s all folks (at least for like, two days, and then there will be the first post of August!). Take care!


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4 responses to “Oceans and Emotions: July ’21 Roundup

  1. Thanks for linking to my post! I see I’m in elevated company in this roundup — I’m very flattered ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I don’t watch Riverdale, but I watched that video the other day and it was very enjoyable (but also #FreeTheRiverdaleCast). I love watching video essays for shows and films I’ll never watch. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Me too! I watched all of that same creator’s videos on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars for the exact same reason. So fascinating, especially hearing about all the zany plot twists as a summary rather than watching them unfold in real time!

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