Slime Time: April ’21 Roundup

Gosh I’m tired!

On AniFem:

Dragon Goes House Hunting – a tale of fantasy real estate

Let’s Make a Mug Too! – a surprisingly poignant hobby show about ceramics

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level – a reincarnation isekai about a witch who accidentally becomes the strongest person in the world while she’s gardening

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent – a power fantasy about instantly being good at your (magic) job

Winter 2021 Recommendations – looking back on the best of the previous season and singing the praises of Laid-Back Camp and Otherside Picnic

Book chats: Gideon the Ninth devours my brain, The Starless Sea thoroughly charms me.

And also! I helped edit the absolutely lovely Errant Night which is now officially out in the world and ready for purchase! Do you like space-faring adventures that double as poetic, moving musings on grief? Give it a shot – I promise it’s worth the interstellar ride.

Cool Jams

A dip into some Tumblr Folklore: a web series that never got made (or did it?), a study in misplaced enthusiasm, and a trip back to the conversation around queer representation circa 2014.

Animation is just really cool!! Here is a dip into the technique of “smears”, a trick that originated to give a greater sense of fluid movement to hand-drawn cartoons but is also making an appearance in video games.

One Garfield archivist’s quest into the orange cat’s weird pop cultural past, from the lost microfiche where the drafts that became the comic live to the (haunting? Charming?) tradition of Garfield Tourism in the heart of the US. Genuinely fascinating and I cannot help but be endeared to this fellow’s devotion.

Wonder Egg Priority: Traumas and Tribulations – Patrick explores how the often hard-to-watch show depicts the messy, nonlinear nature of dealing with trauma with a nuance that resonated heavily with them.

The Earnest Elfin Dream Gay – an essay from a couple of years ago about the (possible) gay adolescent answer to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a character type the author has noticed popping up to represent a new and specific fantasy in YA romance.

Why Seven Seas Altered Its Light Novels – a look into the recent controversy surrounding the manga publisher’s novel translations, detailing the complicated history of “adapting” texts for English-language audiences (read: American sensibilities) and the tensions between fans, freelance translators, and the editors who have the final say.

What Makes Melty Blood So Important? – though often memed-upon, the Melty Blood fighting game is an emblem of a weird yet golden era of anime fandom, and a rare peek into the world of Type-Moon before the juggernaut that is Fate even existed.

Zombie Land Saga: Idol Anime for Non-Idol Fans – Mercedez explores the appeal of everyone’s favourite zombie popstar series, and how it works as both a love letter to and a critique of the idol industry in a way that many other shows do not.

Wandering Thoughts on Wandering Son – a retrospective musing on the landmark trans anime series from a first-time watcher (and a lament that this is still kinda the best we have).

A recommendations thread of manga with trans characters:

And, finally, for this month’s song-on-repeat, this banger that starts slow and gradually transforms a dive bar in the middle of nowhere into an extravagant gay club with the power of ambition and vibes:

And that’s all they wrote – see you soon for more!

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