Non-binary Finery: March ’21 Roundup

Me setting off to buy floral button-down shirts

You know what, I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with something poetic or funny to say to sum up March, but sometimes a month just passes by with relative peace and ease, and that’s worth celebrating even if it doesn’t generate many words. Here are some blog posts!

On the blog:

Something Like Euphoria – a big weird post about the big weird (joyful) experience that is gender

Otherside Picnic and Groundbreakingly Goofy Queer Fiction – must a story with queer characters be “good art”? Is it not enough for a pair of lesbians to fight monsters while making silly faces?

On The Anime Herald

Together, Alone: How Laid-Back Camp Shows Companionship Through Technology – far from buying into the Nature vs. Tech dichotomy, my favourite camping show instead explores how smartphones and instant messages can be used to enjoy The Great Outdoors and build relationships

On Anime Feminist

Tropical Rouge! Precure – Episode 1 – the new Precure series bursts onto the scene in a splash of colour, making me question the ethics of selling makeup to children but appealing deeply to my inner seven-year-old’s Mermaid Phase

Bookchats: Gideon the Ninth punches through my reading slump.

Content round the web

A detailed breakdown of what exactly is so wrong with Sia’s directorial debut—here called “vanity project” as it really ought to be. Jessie discusses the problems creators can face when attempting to represent a marginalised group they do not belong to, particularly if they want to represent the entire group allegorically through one character instead of treating that character like an individual person.

A tour through the history of themed restaurants, from haunted cabarets in Bohemian Paris to American family diners banking on racist caricatures to the modern pop-up fandom eateries of today.

Spy x Family: Disarming the Myth of the Nuclear Family – in this comedy series, a spy, an assassin, and a telepath masquerade as the mid-century ideal of the perfect wholesome family, revealing the whole thing as a farce in the process.

America’s Sweetheart: Thoughts on WandaVision – an analysis of where the MCU’s first TV show falls down, chiefly in how it bends backwards to make its protagonist “likeable” at the expense of letting her be morally ambiguous, messy, and interesting.

Wellness for the Self, Wellness for the World: Healin’ Good Precure – a review of 2020’s Precure offering and how it tackles issues of climate change and self-care with nuance despite (or maybe because of) its kid-friendly delivery.

Yuri!!! on ICE and the Revolutionary Portrayal of Queer Slavic Representation – a personal essay about how the positive depiction of Viktor subverts both the stereotypes that usually follow Russian characters around in media, and Russia’s cultural homophobia.

Archivists are Trying to Chronicle Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Incredible First Year – there’s no denying that AC:NH was a big part of a lot of people’s pandemic experience, but how does one keep a historic record of a video game like this?

Why Do The Oscars Have a Limited View on Anime? – Best Animated Feature is usually a “lazy” judging category reserved for the latest Disney/Pixar blockbuster, with the occasional token nod to Studio Ghibli. With more anime films coming out in US cinemas, is there potential for a shift?

Anime Versus Rural Australia: A Retrospective – a memoir about a writer from Wagga Wagga discovering Pom Poko and FLCL as a kid, and finding an unexpected resonance between both works and his feelings about his small-town childhood.

March’s “song that’s stuck in my head”

Feeling devious? Looking glamorous? Perhaps… mischievous? And polyamorous? Bop along to this one with me.

And that’s a wrap! I’m back in Premiere Review Town next month, so there will be no big blog posts until May. Take care, everyone!

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