Premiere Review | High-Rise Invasion

Content Warning: threats of sexual violence, fanservice, suicide imagery

What’s it about? High schooler Yuri finds herself suddenly in a strange world of skyscrapers, connected by rope bridges and with any access to the ground levels blocked off. With murderous beings wearing full-face masks stalking the rooftops, Yuri must gather her courage and her wits and find a way to survive this place long enough to find her older brother.

High-Rise Invasion starts with a bang. Or, more accurately, it starts with [foreboding music] [man grunts, screams] according to Netflix’s captions. This ominous, blurry scene of bloody murder quickly snaps into an upbeat, electronic opening theme, after which the show slows back down to molasses pace for a scene of Yuri crying as she tries unsuccessfully to contact her family on the phone. This clunky opening sequence sets the tone for the rest of the episode: schlocky carnage, high-octane action, and our protagonist whimpering.

This episode was dreadful—read the full review on Anime Feminist!

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