Premiere Review | D4DJ First Mix

What’s it about? Before Aimoto Rinku moved away for her parents’ zoological work, she had the chance to attend an open-air concert where she heard a song that captured her heart. On her first day at a new school in Japan, she’s startled to hear that very song from her childhood playing over the PA system. Chasing the sound, Rinku finds herself in the exciting world of performance DJing.

I’ll be honest with you, AniFam: at this stage of the premiere review season, at this stage of the work week, at this stage of the year, I’m feeling pretty tired. But lucky for me (and lucky for you) D4DJ is like a swig of energy drink. It’s fun, colorful, high-octane, and I can already tell I’m going to have Rinku’s beloved dance track stuck in my head for the whole weekend.

Read the whole article on AniFem!

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