The Monster Mash: February ’19 Roundup

promised neverland mood

Welp, there goes February! I don’t have too much to report nor wax philosophical about this time round. Summer has come to an end (though we all know the heat will continue stubbornly and spitefully into autumn) and school/work is back in full swing, meaning I am back to being pumped up on Learning and Mentoring and Knowledge!! and also back to being exhausted at the end of every day. I’m juggling a lot of big projects, which is daunting but very exciting. But hey, I still found time to blog! And here those blog posts are:

On the blog:

The Trickster Archetype in Pop Culture, Part Three: Tricky Ladies – another dive into myth and fiction, this time through Lori Landay’s concept of the feminine Trickster.

The Promised Neverland and the (Horrifying!) Ideal of Pure Childhood – a look at how the series uses Victorian imagery of the innocent, pastoral child who will never grow up for horror effect.

Cool web content:

This short video essay delves into the “adaptational attractiveness” trope and the tendency for characters to be way hotter than is reasonable in their screen versions… and how this is not just a problem with relatability and beauty standards, but how it can be symptomatic of a character’s flaws being wiped away in the adaptation process.

How Authentic is The Good Place Version of Australia? An Investigation – asking the big questions and revealing a wealth of puns I didn’t pick up on the first watch, this hard-hitting analysis dives in detail into the portrayal of my home country in The Good Place.

The Fractured and Famous: Celebrity Culture and Control in Perfect Blue – Priya Sridhar examines Perfect Blue and its psychological horror narrative next to the #MeToo movement and how the film has, horrifyingly, not only remained relevant decades after its release but seems to have predicted much of contemporary celebrity culture.

Marketing Representation in Dragalia Lost – is queer rep that’s mostly there to try and suck our money into a gacha game system still good queer rep?

1919 – 2019: Yuri From Then to Now – celebrating a century of the yuri genre, its foremost scholar Erica Friedman presents a brief, introductory look at its roots and its evolution.

The Five Worst Dates in Dragon Age – spicy hot takes, worded beautifully, about the lamest romantic encounters you can have in the fantasy RPG series. Endorsed by the creator himself!

Superhero Costume Design is Finally Getting the Recognition It Deserves – in the leadup to the Oscars, a dive into the evolution of superhero costume design in film and why it’s a lot more work than people give it credit for (and Black Panther won! So yay!!)

Kase-san and Pure Yuri – Abby muses on just what is so great about the Kase-san series, how it handles its love story, and how it leans away from the harmful tropey bits of both Class S and shoujo romance to create something fresh and new.

And that’s a wrap. Take care everyone!

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