Hey There, Demons: January ’19 Roundup


It’s me, ya girl!

And so passes January, the first month of 2019 and perhaps my least heterosexual month of blogging ever. As I wrote in my latest post, it turns out that examining queer tropes is important to me. The idea for that Bloom Into You article planted itself (no pun intended) in my brain not long after the show premiered back in October, but, well, it turns out that hurling your own story out into the digital void takes more emotional energy and general bravado than I initially realised. I finished it, though, and got some lovely responses across the platforms where it was shared. So thank you to everyone who gave it (and my other writings here) a read; writing has always been what I do to make sense of things, and I feel like through projects like this I’m really beginning to find my feet. I haven’t written out the words “I’m biromantic asexual” before, and this month I did it twice, in a row (and a third time just then!!), which is a big yikes but also feels pretty good. I will be celebrating both Twenty-Bi-teen and Twenty-None-teen this year, and doing the best I can to improve and embrace myself.

Oh, and I lived through a monstrous heatwave this month too, but that hardly makes for a heartfelt roundup introduction, does it?

On the blog:

The Trickster Archetype in Pop Culture, Part Two: Better the Devil You Know – my exploration of the Trickster in modern media continues! “It would be more accurate to call Loki the archetypal little shit than to say he’s truly Evil” may be one my favourite lines I’ve written

Queer YA Mini-Reviews: Aces, Alchemy, and Ancient Magic – the reviews and recommendations continue with Let’s Talk About Love, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, and Summer of Salt

Bloom Into You (and Me), a Story About How Representation is Important – I get my feelings about Bloom Into You‘s great premiere out of my system in longform, mixed with some personal essay-ing about why I’m so passionate about representation in fiction

On Anime Feminist:

Rewriting the Script: Revue Starlight‘s Rejection of Tragic Queer Tropes – a dive into how my favourite swashbuckling theatre anime interrogates historical tropes like ‘Bury Your Gays’ in its beautifully meta finale

Fun and funky further reading:

And/or viewing, because I’ve found some particularly fun video content this month:

Surprising absolutely no one, my first recommendation for this month is Lindsay Ellis’ new video digging into the Death of the Author theory. It’s a lot of fun, and very informative, and features John Green physically manifesting in her home upon her trash-talking his book. It stirred up some really interesting conversations between me and my friends about the changing landscape of fame and writing.

Brian Gilbert gives a crash course on The Good Ol’ Monomyth and Kingdom Hearts, which… well, I can confidently say he explains the first one well, but as for the franchise itself? I haven’t been involved with it, so others will have to chime in there. Though even he gets a little lost…

The newly-discovered (by me, anyway) Jenny Nicholson breaks down sensationalist thriller Trigger Warning, which is exactly as dumb as it sounds… including a dive into the meta-story surrounding the book’s author and how it came to be which ends up significantly more thrilling and twist-filled than the novel itself. A long watch, but deeply enthralling, in a “watching a train wreck” sort of way.

Now, onto good old fashioned text articles:

The New Spider-Man Movie Makes Live-Action Superheroes Look Boring – a celebration of Into the Spider-Verse and The Incredibles 2 as well as a look into the devaluing of animation as a medium, despite the wonders it can achieve.

Every Bizarre Bit of Transformers Movie Lore that Bumblebee Retcons Out of Existence – exactly what it promises. God, these movies were… so much. Bumblebee was a delight and I’m happy this franchise has somehow been pried from Michael Bay’s hands.

The 2,500-Year-Old History of Adults Blaming the Younger Generation – the more things change, the more they stay the same. I think my favourite part of this article is the implication that chess was the Fortnite of its day.

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ended Up in a Donkey Kong 64 Charity Twitch Stream – in case you missed it, here is a neat summary of one of the most mind-boggling and heart-warming stories from this month, in which video essayist HBomberguy (of “Sherlock is Garbage and Here’s Why” fame) hosted a ridiculously successful Twitch event for a trans charity.

And of course it was time for a new season of anime, so be sure to peruse the AniFem premiere guide to see what looks good! (Can you believe it’s already been a year since A Place Further Than the Universe and Laid-Back Camp came out and stole my heart?)

And that brings us to the end of the first roundup of 2019! Take care out there, as always.


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2 responses to “Hey There, Demons: January ’19 Roundup

  1. ““It would be more accurate to call Loki the archetypal little shit than to say he’s truly Evil” may be one my favourite lines I’ve written” – I mean, it is a great line.
    That Lindsay Ellis video was so good (all Lindsay Ellis videos are great though) and that the youth is ruining everything is great!

  2. Kayla Trace

    Just wanted to add that we should watch EVERYTHING Jenny Nicholson has ever made. She’s hilarious.

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