Don We Now Our Gay Apparel: December ’17 Roundup

Urahara research

Well that sure was a hell of a year. I’m definitely not the only one collapsing while thinking those words, so whether you had a rough year or a good year or just kind of a Year, congratulations, you made it, you have earned a long rest and a drink, and let’s gather ourselves for whatever the next one holds!

2017 was… a pretty big deal for me, career-wise. God, what an Adult sentence. I got paid to write about my geeky passions for the first time, which is a completely awesome milestone, so mega shout-out to the hard-working staff and supporters of AniFem for making that possible! I also started publishing on Lady Geek Girl and Friends, which, while it’s volunteer work, is still incredible since I’ve followed and enjoyed that blog for a long time and am delighted to now be contributing as one of the “and Friends” as well as riding along as a reader.

Perhaps the biggest deal is completing my Honours dissertation, which you can read here! It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun, and needless to say hugely rewarding, to be able to focus for a year on a topic that I was passionate about and learn and create within that field. The mega exciting news is that a year-long creative research project hasn’t scared me off, and I’ll be sliding into a PhD as of next year–which means an even bigger thesis to yell at!

On the blog this month:


URAHARA and the Crises of Creativity (a discussion of a new magical girl series and how it holds the struggles of creators–be they artists, writers, designers, etc–at the heart of its character drama. Also, body horror. But pastel-coloured and fixed with The Power of Friendship, so it’s okay…?)

Girls on The Hero’s Journey, Two Ways (Starring Moana and Utena) (a modified, blog-ified transcript of a presentation I gave at my very first conference)

Also Madoka Magica episodes three, four, five and six!

On Anime Feminist:

Escapism and Healing in Recovery of an MMO Junkie (in which I manage to get my “I loved this show and I love Moriko and want her to be happy” feelings into a coherent character analysis article)

Cool things around the web:

2017-10-22 (16)

Yes, I know, I’ve used a picture from MMO Junkie for this segment for the last three roundups. It’s just got a lot of good emotive pictures of people at/in computers.

Congratulations To Me, I Have Fixed Love Actually Once and For All — in honour of the Christmas (and thus the Christmas movie) season, I’m bringing back this post from last year in which comedian Rebecca Shaw rewrites the many plots of iconic romance Love Actually to be less “relentlessly, grotesquely, and unforgivingly heterosexual”

The Transformed Earth and Our Children: Land of the Lustrous, Nier,and the Future — I learned what exactly posthumanism is at a very neat panel at the conference. Here is a very neat post looking at how two recent sci-fi works explore it in their own ways

Exceptionalism and Heroism: Most Heroes are Born Into It — a Mary Sue article using Star Wars as a jumping off point to talk about the long history of heroic characters being born into their power, creating “chosen one” narratives where being “chosen” has less to do with destiny and more to do with who your parents are (and creating suffocating family dramas along the way)

Drunk Book Club: The Da Vinci Code — Vrai and Dorothy get tipsy and take some hilarious and eloquent digs at Dan Brown (listen below or at the link)

Sunstone: Love, Humour and Heart Hidden in a BDSM Story — Mythos reviews the queer and kinky love story that is the graphic novel Sunstone, which sounds perfectly delightful in a progressive, positive, sweet, Cute Demon Crashers sort of way

Kyoto Animation, Mental Health, and Me — an exploration of how one studio realistically portrays social anxiety and other issues in their young characters

Afflicted Escapists: MMO Junkie, Mental Health, and Identity — Little Anime Blog is back from hiatus and hitting it out of the park with analysis again, in this case looking into the perception that video games isolate people versus the power video games have to bring people together, in the context of the healing narratives in MMO Junkie. This gets to delve into some stuff my article couldn’t given its focus on Moriko and it’s a good read

I’ve Always Liked You, Childhood Friends — Isaac examines the deep-seated appeal of the “childhood friends to lovers” trope and, I think, hits the nail on the head

Also this Harry Potter chapter written by a bot, which managed entirely by accident to be the funniest thing I have ever seen

And to conclude, please follow this cat on Twitter:

Take care everybody, and I’ll see you in the new year!


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4 responses to “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel: December ’17 Roundup

  1. I chuckled heartily upon seeing that title – ‘don we now our gay apparel’ indeed! Ohohoho~.

    Congratulations on being able to take significant steps with your career – getting paid to write about material you hold dear *while* polishing off a thesis is no mean feat! You definitely deserve a nice break over the holiday period before diving right back into all that researching. 😀

    Happy new year, hope you have a good 2018!

  2. Elisabeth O'Neill

    Thanks for giving our MMO Junkie piece a shout, it’s great to be back in the saddle and getting such lovely responses to our work again 😊 Congrats on all the milestones you hit this year, that first paid piece is a biggie and one to be especially proud of. Here’s to many more for you, and best of luck with the PhD!

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