Things of Import

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my delightful displeasure to inform you that The Afictionado will be undergoing a hiatus of roughly three weeks or so, due to the fact that the lady behind the keys will be rather busy gawking at cultural icons, monuments and enormous serving portions in a continent that is entirely not her own. It will be a wondrous adventure and maybe you’ll even get to hear some of the stories that come out of it!

In the meantime, check out the shiny new categories system that I’ve set up. There are the Pop Culture Ponderings and the reviews, read and watched, as usual, but now there’s also Archetypes and Genre, Fun with Isms and Things We Need to Stop Doing, organised for more fruitful searching. Also the How To section for my tutorials on how to survive (or not) in fictional worlds.

Enjoy, my precious blueberries, and I will be back in October.


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